Erlend Rødsten [bfa-exhibition]

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Another proposal for a show
Installation view, BFA exhibition
Cloud, in memory of Thomas Midgley Jr.
Refrigerator, refrigerant and steel wire
Condensation from Cloud, in memory of Thomas Midgley Jr.
Installation view, vacuum chambers
Fan, vacuum, container
Sound recordings of wind, bluetooth speaker, vacuum, container
Degassed Water
Glass with water, vacuum, container

When developing this series of works, the inventions of scientist Thomas Midgley Jr. (b.1889-d.1944) came to my attention. Midgley‘s main contributions to scientific development were using lead as an additive in car petrol, and the invention of CFC-gasses, previously of common use in refrigerators and air conditioning. Today both these substances are banned, and Midgley is mainly known for the great environmental damage his inventions have caused. The works in the exhibition consists of structures that change a local climate, a technical experiment where the outcome is not always clear or visible.