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Project Description? > I still have some questions about that, maybe we can speak about it?     

Curious to hear more about the concept and how we can fit the format to what your vision is.    

Cool, I’ll format a response over e-mail and do some research after work, so you’ll have something waiting when you wake up:    

The myth of the Grey Sisters Deino (dread), Enyo (horror) and Pemphredo (alarm) was our starting point. They shared one eye and one tooth that were thus passed around between them. Being able to navigate only by sharing with another, creates a dynamic build on intimacy, instability and imbalance. There’s a constant breakdown and a confusion in the distinction of what is self and what is the other. Never can they look at each other at the same time, as there is only one gaze traveling between them. One becomes the outside, the observer, while the other two see without seeing. The relation of three sharing two constitutes a constant lack, an awaiting of rotation and rearrangement to take place.   

We were thinking about how being apart can create a great deal of intimacy, which grows on the grounds of trust and complicity and how to use the different means of communication to close the gap between us. By becoming personas inside our communication devices, we built our thought nest inside of them, spun by electronic threads and somewhat of our own. We wove a virtual body-map that reflects upon how things constantly slip away or disembody in the process of how we direct our attention. Being drawn towards a place where meaning and shelter can be found, we created an immersive space where the eye becomes a sensing skin.