Kristyan Nicholson [annual-exhibition]

An empirical result of our time that brought me outside to an area of land, desolate, with little pedestrian traffic and the occasional passing of trains in transit. It is by no means an optimal body of work for a digital platform, nor had it any aim to be. Intended rather as an invitation, to escape confinement. An opportunity to combat a capitalistic structure of supply and demand, by converting waste material and claiming degraded land. It’s an opportunity to reconnect to the physical by exploring the relationship between these ephemeral materials, tools, and landscape.

All orchestrated sculptures/assemblages on this claimed land, entitled “Investigations”(on Google Maps) were created stringently using materials found on-site. Thus reestablishing a dialogue between the components and their resting ground. By superimposing sculptures on a space where the materials and land have developed a mutual history of experienced neglect, a palpable harmony develops. A relationship with an intimate exchange, naturally modest, homogenous, and confidently at home within their surroundings.

I will continually revisit “Investigations” on a weekly basis, documenting the transformation of the space caused by external contributions. Regularly uploading photos of the development onto the “locations pin” via Google Maps. Occasionally reconstructing, rebuilding, and adding works in order to maintain a peaceful dialogue.

You are invited both as a spectator and creator.

Contributing works by Benn Malca and Valdemar Bisgaard Thomsen. Students at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.