Rebecca Larsson [bfa-exhibition]

Samlerskan, Sväverskan, Sierskan
The Collectress, the Dreamer, the Sorceress

Three altarpieces are placed as a triptych. The film that is projected on the central altarpiece is a gateway into another space in which everything starts and ends with the spiral. In this space, everything is possible.
The bumblebees lie dead in the sand. The skull is transformed into an angel and the mirror casts burning sunlight across your eyes. This might be a way to escape.

This might be a way of resting. You can come and go as you please, the door is open.

Documentation photographs by Youngjae Lih

Digitalized 16mm-film (4 min 45 sec), Digital video (4 min 45 sec x 2),
screens made out of plaster, steel constructions. 2020